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As defined by, this phrase means: Newly printed; sensational and exciting. For example, I've got it hot off the press—he's resigning, or This design is hot off the press. [c. 1900] 

Our intention with the Hot Off The Press Podcast is to not only provide emotional support to aspiring printers, but to share what we’re currently printing, and to cover the history and behind-the-scenes of all things paper.

providing resources, information and a couple of friends in the print world

A Podcast for New & Aspiring Printers


We’re on a mission to make letterpress relatable, inspire others to print their own projects, and to share the history and knowledge along the way. 

We certainly don’t know everything, but we will share everything we do know… And we’re bringing you along on our journey to learn more & further our own skills! We aren’t afraid to share what works, what doesn’t, and our sources with you: our fellow paper aficionados. 

We’ll talk to the paper makers, the ink suppliers, the traditional printers & the modern artists. And together, we hope to inspire you, make you laugh, and help you better understand the intricate world of Letterpress. 


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We're on a mission

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Michelle Renee Calligraphy

This podcast has been so fun to follow along with! It’s so good to know that I’m not the only one who runs into all the crazy issues you can run into while printing on a letterpress. I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks as well along the way! Thank you Jillian and Moriah!



I’m a calligrapher who decided to jump in to the letterpress world recently. This podcast came at the perfect time! I literally listened to the newest episode about polymer plates as I was testing out blind impressions of my own polymer plate on my C&P 10x15.

So glad I found this podcast!


As an aspiring letterpress printer, I love all the info Jillian & Moriah give, along with a great dose of humor. I especially appreciate the “what not to do” tidbits.

So helpful